At SEHA we don’t apply hard and fast rules for photography or videography within the confines of our premises or at any of our events. We are a Hindu temple and our visitors are, by and large, regular devotees.

We permit the use of photography and videography but we ask that this is done in a manner that is considerate to other members and visitors. In particular:

  1. Please try to refrain from including others in your recordings without their consent.
  2. Please keep any photography or recording to a minimum as not all members will feel comfortable with this.
  3. Please be mindful when sharing photos and videos on social media, particularly where you may have inadvertently captured others without their consent.

Charities have the same level of responsibility for safeguarding its members and visitors as any other organisation. Whilst there is often little that we can do to prevent any risk to individuals, a sensible approach in respect of media, and the sharing of it, often goes a long way.

On rare occasions, we may give a verbal or written instruction to cease all recording to an individual, a group or to all persons present and these requests must be complied with. We want everyone to feel welcome in our house of God but any behaviour that is not consistent with our ethics, values or our operating practices will not be tolerated.

Members of the management team reserve the right to deny admission to any individuals who refuse to comply with our requests, as well as making a requirement to leave to anyone who may have already been granted prior admission. Our temple is a sacred venue and we encourage you all to enjoy our events, but to do so in a manner that is considerate towards others.

As a temple, we will often photograph or record events and share them through our social media channels. If you have any questions or concerns in respect of these activities then please speak with a member of the temple’s management team and we will do our best to assist you.

Should the sharing of photographs in which you are featured become an issue at any stage, or potentially put any person at risk of harm, then please let a member of the management team know immediately so that we can take appropriate steps in order to remedy the matter.