Diwali is nearly here. Our programme this year will be as follows:   CHOPDA PUJAN Wednesday 7th November 2018 at 7.30pm If you wish to participate then please ensure you arrive at the mandir with all your puja materials and that you are seated in your places by no later than 7.15pm.   NEW YEAR’S DAY/ANKUT Thursday 8th November 2018 10.00 Mandir Aarti 12.00 Ankut Aarti & Darshan 13.00 Mahaprasad (please see below)   Every year a small minority of devotees decide to help themselves to the offering in order to take it home without permission, leaving little or nothing at the end for our hard working volunteers who gave their time in preparing it. We do not wish to cause embarrassment to anyone on the day and request devotees not to do this as we will stop anyone who is caught doing so. Diwali and New Year’s celebrations are amongst are most social events so let’s share our mahaprashad together and in a way that is respectful to those who are working hard behind the scenes to make these celebrations as successful as they always are. Many thanks to all our devotees for your ongoing support throughout the year. Jay Shri Ram!